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To buy or sell bitcoin, go to a bitcoin exchange. You will need a bitcoin wallet and at least one other means of payment.

Web wallet:


Coinbase is a bitcoin wallet with an integrated buy/sell bitcoin exchange. It is best used for purchase and sales, rather than storage and daily use. For US users, it offers the easiest way into and out of Bitcoin holdings. It also has plenty of features available that make it easy for a business to accept bitcoin. Business or personal, it’s one of the easiest ways to get started with Bitcoin. You link Coinbase to your bank account, in a process that will be familiar to any PayPal user. Once it’s set up, you can have instant access to up to $1000 worth of Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase


Blockchain – A popular and easy to use web wallet. Sets up in seconds. Coinbase is much easier to fund, but Blockchain is very popular, and for good reason. They just added a set of merchant tools to simplify accepting Bitcoin payments.


Merchant Services:

Shopify – The easiest way to sell online and accept Bitcoin. Integrated with BitPay and GoCoin for payment processing, Shopify offers a total ecommerce solution. Of course, they provide credit card processing and dozens of other payment options, too.

Coinbase – Once again, Coinbase is there with the merchant bitcoin processing services you need. Instant fiat conversion, and no fees on your first million dollars in sales. Coinbase is integrated with many shopping cart services including Shopify.

BitPay – Payment processor offering (optional) instant on-the-fly exchange from Bitcoin in over 100 currencies. Available everywhere; direct fiat deposit available in 33 countries. Get payment processing with zero fees or cost, ever. Excellent addition to your business or non-profit website. The process is even FEC-compliant, for fundraising by electoral candidates and political parties. BitPay is the market leader in Bitcoin business services.

GoCoin – GoCoin offers your customers the option to pay in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin. You receive payment in the currency of your choice.

CoinKite – This merchant services company offers a POS (point-of-sale) terminal for accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin. They also offer a Bitcoin/Litecoin/Blackcoin web wallet, for merchants or consumers, and they have Bitcoin/Litecoin/Blackcoin debit cards available as well. All of these features are usable within the Coinkite system, or with any Bitcoin or Litecoin address from any other provider or software. You can also set up automatic subscription payments as needed.


Bitcoin exchange:

Coinbase – Coinbase recently launched their own exchange, touted as “the first regulated US Bitcoin exchange” and quickly jumped to #1 in USD trading volume.

Bitstamp – Until recently, the top exchange. Also recently had a large hacking theft.

Bitfinex – Another high volume exchange, offering margin trading and liquidity swaps.

BTC-e – Trade BTC for USD, RUB, EUR, and now CNH. Also trades a few of the more popular altcoins.

BTCChina – BTC China is the highest volume Bitcoin exchange in the world. It is yuan-denominated, and trades BTC and LTC. – CEX offers an exchange where users can trade Bitcoin and multiple altcoins for each other or USD. Users in many countries (not the US) can fund their account via credit card.

LocalBitcoin – Buy and sell bitcoins with a variety of payment methods, including in-person cash payments.

ZeroBlock – ZeroBlock is a multi-exchange Bitcoin trading platform. Gain access to multiple Bitcoin exchanges through one interface, along with loads of charts and data to help you make sense of it all.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

Altcoin exchange:

Bleutrade – Roll-your-own currency pairings. You can trade any currency for any other (though the market depth remains in BTC).

Cryptsy – More altcoins than you can shake a stick it. Open a free account and trade 100+ altcoins for Bitcoin and/or Litecoin. Several USD pairings for verified users Escrow services supposed to be added soon. The platform also serves as a de facto multi-coin wallet. Cryptsy is US-based.

Poloniex – A great platform. Specializing in DAE tokens and assets.

Bittrex – No list would be complete without it. Specializing in newer coins.

LitecoinLocal – Connects Litecoin buyers and sellers for private online trades or even in-person cash purchases.


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